Smash Bash: Creating A Community Around Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Special Brawl Variations

Adding Special Brawl components to your matches means it's possible to bend Super Smash Brothers Brawl into a game that looks very little like the standard game. Depending on the items that are present or absent, many different options of gameplay open up.

Minefield Match
Set 300% damage, plus all the explosive items possible (Bob-ombs, Motion-Sensor Bombs, Smart Bombs).
Double-Up Matches
Setting statuses and items that will stack on each other, like Mega Size and Super Mushrooms, so as to create giant (or tiny) characters to battle with.
The Cameo Match
Add Assist Trophies and Poke Balls, and use King Dedede's ability to throw out characters when not summoning more characters to the field. The goal is to see if the Wii's ability to render allthe new objects can keep up or whether it will bog down.
"Red Plumber Needs Food" Match
Set a Stamina match with Flower Head (so constant ticking downward HP), and then add all the health recovery items, like Maxim Tomatoes, food, and Heart Containers. Who can eat and avoid for the longest?
Super Smash Bell Jar
Who can get KO'd in the most entertaining manner, based on the votes of their peers?
"Who Am I Again?"
Clear Body, Mini Size, Flower or Curry Head. Can you figure out which one is you?
"Where Am I Again?"
Fixed or Angled Camera, a big stage (like Temple or New Pork City), and Mini Size. Clear Body will present extra frustration for everyone involved.
The Offscreen War
Bunny Head, Light Gravity. Played on a stage like Pokemon Stadium 2, which has an additional stage component that will lighten the gravity, the entire match will take place in the space off the screen, in the maginfying glasses area. Players measure success by how long they are able to stay alive and off the main screen.