Smash Bash: Creating A Community Around Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Special Brawl

To add extra mayhem to your Brawl matches, it's possible to include permanent effects during the matches that will drastically change the way the game works and put everyone back on a basically even playing field, no matter how much skill they have accumulated in the regular Brawl mode. These options are all hiding under the Special Brawl menu.

We've already used the Special Brawl option in the unlocking method discussed beforehand, so this menu will hopefully look a little familiar.

To set a Special Brawl, you can select one of the two options for each of the categories (or leave it OFF), allowing for quite a few additions to a normal brawl.

The options available to you on this menu are:

All players start with a 300% damage rating. Anything even mildly forceful will send them flying quickly. (This is the same as the Sudden Death mode at the end of the match.)
Rather than using percentage of damage, each player has a set amount of health, and every successful attack takes away health. Last player standing wins.
Mega Size
All players are pemanently one size bigger, which makes them stronger, heavier, and harder to knock around. (The Mega Mushroom item will stack on top of this.)
Mini Size
All players are permanently one size smaller, making them weaker, lighter, and easier to knock around. (The Poison Mushroom item will stack on top of this.)
Flower Head
All players will permanently take 1 percentage/HP damage every second. (The Lip's Stick item will stack on top of this.)
Bunny Head
All players move faster and jump higher than usual. (The Bunny Hood item will stack on top of this.)
Metal Body
The Metal Body makes all players extremely heavy, jump less high resistant to being moved by attacks, and silver-grey colored. (The Metal Box item won't change colors, but it will add weight and resistance.)
Clear Body
The Clear Body makes all players invisible and only really noticeable by getting hit or using special moves that reveal their position. (There's no item in Brawl that replicates this effect.)
Curry Status
All players permanently spew flames in whatever direction they are facing that will interrupt actions and cause a small amount of damage. (The Superspicy Curry item means even more possible fire.)
Reflect Status
Anything thrown, shot, or projected at any player will automatically bounce off them on contact. (The Franklin Badge item provides no extra protection in this mode.)
Light Gravity
All players can jump higher and float farther from their jumps. (The Bunny Hood item will stack with this effect.)
Heavy Gravity
All players jump lower and fall faster. (The Metal Box item will stack with this effect.)
Slow Speed
Every action, movement, and response from all players is in slow-motion, making anticipation even more difficult. (Collect a Timer item for even slower action.)
Fast Speed
Every action, movement, and response from all players is faster, making seeing what's going on even more difficult. (Timer items and Bunny Hoods will stack with this effect.)
Fixed Camera
The match will take place from one static point of view, instead of zooming in and panning around to give the players the best view of the action.
Angled Camera
The camera remains fixed, but also is tilted in such a way that the players will have difficulty gauging where anything is on the stage, whether player, items, or platforms.