Early Literacy Asides

Examples, Please

Here's an example of an early literacy moment, courtesy of Parenting Counts:

It's Never To Early To Start A Conversation

Parentese is a useful demonstration for what counts as an early literacy moment. Notice the choice of a male-appearing, football-watching caregiver as the main character who starts speaking parentese, pointing out that it's not just women who can do it. And that it happens in multiple languages, by people of all sorts of colors and body types.

If there's anything that I don't like about that video, it's that the other male-appearing people in the video are giving looks to each other like the parentese is somehow not masculine. If there were a way of throwing shade on them for it, that would be the thing to do.

The aside form of that video might be something like: "Speaking parentese to your children helps them learn the sounds of language."