Early Literacy Asides

Couldn't Be - Answer

Actually, as it turns out, that code block doesn't do anything. (Other than, perhaps, throwing an error or two.)

If you're familiar with code and with the language involved (Ruby), you might spot that the strptime function was missing a necessary argument to make the code block work.

If you were talking to someone about this code block, and you didn't have an idea of what the code did, the comment that was present would have been a good guide to crib off of. That the code doesn't actually work isn't your fault.

It's okay to be wrong. It should always be okay to be wrong, if you being wrong is something that happens in good faith and that you're giving them the best answer that you can.

Should a manager or supervisor give you grief, or worse, formal discipline, just because you were wrong about something, shame on them forever and always. Having been on the receiving end of that kind of discipline, it is quite possibly the worst thing that a manager can do to someone they supervise.