Postcards From The Edge Case: When One Size Doesn't Fit All

Design For Giants

Height Means Being Too Tall

Then there's this picture of the work desk I had in May of 2016. While the camera's tilted a little bit up in this picture, it's pretty apparent that my hips are well above the working surface of the desk. It has a benefit, in that I can bend fully at the waist and lean across the entire surface to talk to very small children on the other side (sometimes frightening them terribly), but it also produces problems if I want to stand and type. The monitors and keyboard are on something that is adjustable, but adjusting it upward makes the entire apparatus feel flimsy when typed on, it leaves a large area underneath the keyboard tray that could be hazardous, were something to break, and more practically, the cords from the computer and monitor don't actually stretch that far up without severe strain placed on them. Even if I wanted to adjust things, it makes the workspace less functional instead of more. The desk that replaces this one is adjustable-height, and moves the desk surface itself up and down, instead of just having one element of the desk be adjustable. My wrists and arms thank the new desk design for its help.