Librarians and Open Source: We Need Code, Too!

We Need Code For Ourselves

...But We're Looking For Unicorns

The Library Pipeline Problem

Part of the problem stems from what Coral Sheldon-Hess calls the "tech pipeline problem" in a post from September of 2015. To wit: many libraries don't think they're in the business of technology, and so they don't provide opportunities for their staffers to grow beyond beginning aspects of technology, coding, and the use of their spaces. We'll cover how this affects the user side in a little bit, but for now, let's focus on the staff development side of the operation.

Options for those in the Library Pipeline Problem

There aren't that many junior developer positions, or junior sysop positions, or junior database administration positions in libraries. Which leaves two options, according to Sheldon-Hess - learn on your own time, or quit public libraries altogether, learn the necessary skills, and then return to the place you came, bearing your newfound skills.