The Public Library as an (Almost) Open-Source Institution

Libraries Are Screwed

By Commercial Vendors

What are you looking for?

Netflix gives you an unlimited amount of discs and streaming offerings, limited only by how much you want (or can afford) to have out at any given time.
Hulu Plus, as well as streaming options through apps or websites for individual networks or channels, and even sport packages that allows for streaming of whatever games you fancy to whatever device can handle them.
There are a lot of players in that market, each of whom can give you a digital or physical copy of whatever you would like (so long as it's currently in print) as fast or slow as you would like, for a little bit of nothing.
The iTunes Store is doing brisk business in that regard, but there's also services like Bandcamp, as well as directly purchasing music from artist websites
Video Games
Valve's Steam is the leader here in streaming and DRM copies of games, with a slick interface, but there's also Desura, EA's Origin, GOG, Google Play, and the App Stores for Mac, iOS, Windows, and so on.
Physical objects?
Amazon can get them to you in two days' or faster time (assuming you pay for that privilege).