Alex Byrne

Librarian, Open Source User, and Player of Games

About Me

Hi. I'm Alex. I've been working as a librarian for more than a decade at this point, specializing with children and teenagers for all of my career to this point. I've been looking for a place to plant myself on the Web again, preferably without advertisements and without much of the worries of keeping installations like Wordpress up-to-date and patched against security issues. What will mostly be here are articles, slides and other parts of my professional life that I want to keep archived - or to show off in case someone comes looking for a librarian to hire.

I've also written code. If you'd like to take a look at my things, you can see my repositories on GitHub. I happen to like WeedingHelper, a script I wrote in Ruby to help choose weeding candidates from a collection. It's pretty nice, and could always use some contributors, if you're interested.

Otherwise, I've been using some flavor of Linux since 2003, and have had a lot of interest in playing video games, past and present. I tend to like playing single-player RPGs, which is an increasingly difficult thing to do in these days, because of work obligations, and mobile games, which are a lot easier to manage in time and place.

This website is hosted on:


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